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Mysore practice 16/6/19

I arrived late at shala around 8:20 so placed my mat on the second row. I didn't sit and I started directly after 1-2 min of breathing standing. I could feel my back pain and was afraid of the practice already but it was better than I'd thought. I got Lynne's hands on in trikonasana and in utthita hasta padngusthasana. Lynned told me not to make 'monkey toes'. The expression was really funny so I laughed a bit. I felt less wobbly today :-) She also helped me in triang mukha ika pada paschimottanasana. I should really take a video to see why every time teacher comes and pushed me on bent leg side. My sacrum area was really hurting in navasana. I think it's related to the whole pain in my spine... :-( Wendy said it might be the nerves.. grrr I will see for a week and if it doesn't get better... I should see a speicalist :-( Adriana helped me in supta kurmasana. Today I could catch my fingers by myself. So happy this has come to me already!! I had a very hard time coming up and balance at one go in ubbhaya padangusthasana.. I think I tired like 5 times... what happend to my bandhas! But actually it was my back pain.... I did all the chakrasana and again had my legs really straight in setu bandhasana. I felt a bit of tension on my neck. Today Lynne helped me pashasana... ah... my pashasana....... I think I can get there soon but with heels off the mat. Lynne pointed out my monkey toes again in krounchasana >_< She also gave me a instruction in shalabasana. I counted a bit more than 30 breaths in sirsasana and 10 in half bend. I took a really long savasana. Lovely practice again.

72nd practice since September 2018

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 16/6/19(Sun) from 08:25 to 10:00

Teacher: Lynne, Adriana


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