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Mysore practice 16/4/19

Back to my Brussels shala :-) I went to Nick's half-primary with Wendy on Saturday but I tend to write my practice journal only on full primary practice. Anyways, I arrived at the shala around 6:40 but the door was still closed. One person was waiting before me. Anne came and we started practicing I think around 6:50. I am usually a very sweaty person but I didn't sweat much. I was wondering the whole time throughout the practice. I tried to make more space in my side in parivrtta trikonasana. In prasaritta padottanasana C, Anne helped me touch the ground. In utthita hasta padnagusthasana I felt very unstable... grrrr but standing on right leg is always better. The only thing I remember vividly from this practice is 'supta kurmasana'. OMG... somehow holding my hands were so easy! Of course it was with help but I didn't feel too much tension around my shoulders and upper arms. It felt even nice...... I was thinking... is it because I ate so little last night? 😂 I even didn't try chakrasana because I was rushing to finish my practice before 8:30am. The room was fuller than I expected. In pashasana I could hold my hands when I twisted to the left (but with heels off) but in right side.. it was difficult. So Anne came and rescued me and I put my heels down. This one is bloody difficult and I can't imagine how people do it. I will ask my mum when I see her. Drop back was nice with help. I have to work on this one as well.... I will try to practice everyday in Korea or.. at least 8 times (hehe). I stayed about 15 breaths in sirsasana and 8 in urdhva dandasana. Utplitih always seems about 6-8 breaths... grrrrr! I took a very brief savasana and left the book (lent) 'ageless' and some mask packs for Monica. :-)

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 16/4/19(Tue) from 06:50 to 08:30

Teacher: Anne


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