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Mysore practice 16/12/19

I was a bit later than usual today. Unlike yesterday my body felt stiff. It was weird doing surya namasakar. But this is normal… body condition is difficult to predict. Standing was good. But my balance was not good. I was wobbly unlike yesterday. I must’ve loved yesterday’s practice. Despite my stiff and heavy body, I was happy that I was practicing. But today somehow my breath was not so steady. I was a bit hyperventilated and didn’t know why… Seated practice was good but felt heavy. Rolling ups were okay but not as steady as yesterday. Ah.. I should really stop comparing today’s practice to yesterday’s!!! Anyhow I felt good practicising and that’s all that matters. I feel I am getting better at setu bandhasana. Pashasana was done alone with heels off and bhekasana as well. It’s still hard to lift chest higher up but at least I am getting used to this pose. I lifted quite easily (or rather relatively easily) from the third urdhva dhanurasana. Drop back and come up practice was very stable. I was surprised at myself. Half rolls and catching was done in a very respectful manner. I walked my hands closer to the heels. When I felt my lower back, I stopped. In paschimattanasana, I didn’t feel pain, again. This was a good sign. Sarvangasana was again done in not so conscious manner and I did 30 and 15 breaths in sirsasana and half bend. I wanted to stay long in rest but had to quit it soon to go to work. It was a physically a bit hard but mentally satisfying practice. I am forever thankful to my teacher who has created this space/environment where I can practice safely and respectfully.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 16/12/19(Mon) from 06:56 to 08:28

Teacher: Anne


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