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Mysore practice 16/1/2020

It was a good practice overall. But I got so emotional during the closing and after. I was and am worried about my back and a bit scared to stay long in catching. I decided not to give 100% in the practice today as I wanted to reserve some energy for the back bend practice. I felt good during the practice. I was super stable and focused. My breathing became weak at times but it was steady. I was able to touch the ground with my pinky. What a nice tip Olivia gave me. Utthitha hasta padangusthasana was very stable too. I was focused. Seated was fine too but I was just sweating too much. Sweat was dripping like a waterfall and I had to wipe a few times during janu sirsasana. Navasana was okay but for the last two I had to have extra padding with a towel. That worked okay. Bujapidasana was fine and supta kurmasana was really deep. I think it was Nico who helped me cross ankles behind. I was catching my wrist. It was the deepest supta kurmasana I’ve ever had. I thought of Anne. When I try with her next time, I will also try to catch my wrist. Transition was controlled. All the rolling ups were super stable today. I think I have a better practice everyday. Setu bandhasana was not good but I stayed 5 breaths. Back bend was okay. I didn’t feel much on the lower back luckily. Drop back come up was okay. Not so steady but satisfactory to my standards. I breathed a bit longer before catching. Catching is happening every day. But holding/staying is another story. Yesterday I stayed more than 6 breathes and it gave me such pain... So today I stayed 2.5-3 breaths (I think) and came up. The assistant teacher told me to bring elbows together more. Sorry but it was my lower back that was giving the ‘no-no sign’. He gave me a really strong and nice push in paschimattanasana. When I was leaving the practice area, Sharathji asked me whether I did catching. I said ‘yes’ and he asked ‘show me’. Arghhhhh so I just pointed at the assistant who helped me and left the room. My back was okay compared to yesterday. I did very conscious closing and got very emotional. My back was hurting and I was worried about things I have to do when I go back to Brussels. I mean I am not really occupied with these uncertain things yet but it just makes me a bit nervous. Okay Gayoung.. let’s just focus on the present........ which is your back!!!!! (Arghhhh!) I stayed 70 breaths in sirsasana and wanted to stay longer but just gave in. Half bend was 30. I didn’t do nadi shodana as I wanted to finish it soon. I also didn’t need to cool down. Utplitih was 15 breaths and I stayed maybe 1 min in resting. Maybe I have to work on resting.. to become more grounded and stabilise the energy after the practice. When I was leaving the shala, I thanked Sharathji with hands in my head and heart. And he asked me ‘did you catch?’... Duh? You’ve asked me already. So I nodded my head and said ‘yes’. And he told me ‘pasasana, next week’. I bowed again. I was happy but I was worried at the same time. My back is not feeling well all the time and I don’t know whether I have to continue this way. Maybe as Anna told me, I have to change some or one of my habits to protect my back more... I guess I have to just focus more on legs and bandhas... and have a slower drop back practice. To better my sadness and worries, Olivia offered me a coconut and cookie. Very sweet of her...... I was grateful that I am surrounded by good people who would give me tips and nice coconut treat.... :-)

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 16/1/20 (Thu) Didn't really check the time!!

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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