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Mysore practice 15/10/19

There was a problem with bus system today. I waited my usual 64 for more than 20 min but it didn’t come. So I took 29 instead and walk to the shala from De Brouckere. Ha… I left home at 6:18am and arrived at the shala around 7:02am…. Grrrrrr I told Anne, I might not practice full primary today because I would start late. I didn’t take time to sit and breathe but just started surya namaskar directly. I felt a bit more stiff than usual.. I blame this to last night’s Austrian wine night. It was fun and I enjoyed but this obviously affects my practice. I am really not a very good yoga practitioner when it comes to wine… ha… Anyways!! I had again… a very hasty practice today. In overall it was good but in some asanas it was BAD! Period! I took short breaths and made quick transitions in between asanas. Though my utthita hasta padangusthasana felt okay. Anne helped me so it was quite stable. In the seated, I really made everything quick… I couldn’t hold my wrists in marichyasana D today. But C, I held both wrists. Navasana was okay but I felt weak towards the end. Anne gave me a really good push in triang mukhaekapda paschimattanasana too. Hmm my worst asanas of the day was Bujapidasana and maybe supta padangusthasana transition. I wasn’t really holding myself in titibasana and bakasana. I lost my feet onto the ground and did the bakasana jump again… I blamed this to my short(thus not so deep) breathing. Supta kurmasana was done with Anne’s help but transition was bad…. I really need to engage more bandhas to lift. Lifting is so hard……..! Garbha pindasana was okay. From here I was calculating whether to continue or just go to closing sequence. I looked at the time and I still had some time so I proceeded. Today.. surprisingly all the rolling up was fine! I could come up in supta konasana, ubbhaya padangusthasana and urdhva mukha paschimattanasana with straight legs at one go!!! Wow!!! So at least these ones were happening as I wished. Setu bandhasana was hard. I tried to think about what Nick said and engage thighs inwards more. I think this will take some time… But at least my heels were together… And I did quick back bend. I felt so good in back bend. I think I can stay here really long. After that I did drop back practice. First drop back and come up was not good. I came up… let’s say half way? I didn’t fall down but it was just weird and not controlled. Second one was surprisingly stable. My feet were grounded and I was in control. Third one was okay but my feet moved. After that I did half rolls with Anne and tried to walk my hands a bit more to the feet. It was okay and not painful. Anne gave me a very good push in paschimattanasana. I did a quick sarvangasana sequence(closing) and stayed 20 and 20 in Sirsasana and half bend. Today my elbows were too near to each other. So my elbows were not shoulder distance but narrower… It was because of my hasty movement… ha… I felt unstable but at least I did 40 breaths in total and came down. Utplitih felt light so I stayed about 12 breaths. I checked the time before resting. Savasana felt sweet but I didn’t like the fact that my practice was done in a hurried way and breathing was not as deep as I liked. Nonetheless I managed to stay 5 min in savasana so it was wrapped up as a good practice. Another grateful morning practice <3

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 15/10/19(Tue) from 07:05 to 08:25

Teacher: Anne


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