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Mysore practice 14/5/19

It was difficult to wake up this morning. Arrived at the shala around 6:35. I gave Lynne a small gift after mentioning it's the Teachers' day tomorrow in Korea. The one thing I remember very vividly from today's practice is sirsasana. I felt so light. I didn't feel my body weight. I felt I could stay there forever. This was the first time I felt this light. Today I made a promise to myself not to skip any asanas. I don't usually skip asanas but somehow I skipped one asana two times during the Peter Sanson's workshop. Anyways... I think I felt relatively light throughout the practice. Though I am still struggling with jump through and back without touching the mat. I also felt I am getting there to hold my hands by myself in supta kurmasana. My transition is still a bit sloppy but it's okay. I am getting there. Pashasana.... is.....a mystery. A very big mystery for me........ I got help from Lynne in drop back. I feel I am nearly there. I felt good doing drop backs today. I think drop back with teacher's help is all about trust (in teacher), faith (in myself) and no thinking. Body just follows. Anyways.... after great sirsasana and urdhva dandasana (and closing sequence), I took a very sweet savasana. Another lovely practice today I am grateful for.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 14/5/19(Tue) from 06:40 to 08:22

Teacher: Lynne


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