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Mysore practice 14/11/19

I was waiting for the practice this morning because of yesterday’s super feeling. In short, the practice felt a bit sloppy but in the end I felt blessed. Today Lynne focused a lot on my hip alignment in standing twist. In these poses I usually focus only on opening chest and having firmly grounded feet. Lynne kind of pulled my hips to be more aligned and stacked. I could feel the difference but it would be hard for me to achieve better alignment anytime soon. My utthita hasta padangusthasana was wobbly and I had to rearrange twice to balance myself. Lynne told me I would have to do this alone in Mysore. Yes! I can do it! Seated was… okay. I felt a bit slippery on my mat so had to adjust few times. My stomach felt heavy so I went to toilet before marichyasana.. Grrrr so my body felt less warm. Today I couldn’t hold my fingers as firm as usual in supta kurmasana. I was little bit panicking. What happened???? I don’t know.. I just continued without thinking much. Transitions in bujapidasana and supta kurmasana were good enough. All the rolling up was good. Lynne came and helped peel my feet wider in urdhva mukha paschimattanasana. She came to me saying ‘peekaboo!’. It was so adorable I couldn’t stop laughing. I simply love her energy and wits. Setu bandhasana was so-so… again I didn’t really enjoy this pinching feeling on my neck. Pashasana was done alone with heels off. Lynne asked me about the heels…. I told her I am not sure whether I will ever be able to put the heels down. Krounchasana and shalabhasana were same. In bhekasana Lynne came and helped me to push my tailbone down. She said first focus on lengthen the tailbone to push it down, and then bring the feet down to the mat. She also told me to work on lengthening the hip joint(pelvis/upper thigh) muscles. I immediately thought of my favourite asana, supta virasana. I should make it a habit or practice some hatha sequence to complement my ashtanga practice. Urdhva dhanurasana was okay. I lifted up at the third wheel but my feet were not grounded. Oh well. First drop back and come up ended in kneeling position again. Second and third one were a success with feet firmly grounded. Yay! Lynne said it goes and comes. Yes I totally agreed with her. Half roll and drop was done with Lynne’s help. She stressed so many times on my feet. I focused on my feet, strong legs and pelvis. I walked my fingers close to my heels. I could see I was getting really close. And Lynne helped me come up. It was nice. She gave me a nice push on paschimattanasana. Shoulder stand sequence was done with care and I stayed my usual count in sirsasana and half bend. Suddenly I felt energised so I stayed about 12 in utplitih. It was another grateful practice.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 14/11/19(Thu) from 06:50 to 08:30

Teacher: Lynne


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