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Mysore practice 14/10/19

I forgot to set up my alarm but I woke up at 6am. I quickly got ready and went to Yoga Room Defacqz. It was nice to be there and see Nick again. I talked to him a bit and told him about the surgery I had in September and the break. When I went to the room there were already 4 people. The room was warm and I was sweating from the beginning. I was focusing on straightening my arms and shoulders down in surya namaskar. Everything was good and even my utthita hasta padangusthasana. Okay, I was not super stable but I managed to do both sides without falling down. This made me wonder whether it’s the mat. Maybe this week, I should bring my Manduka Pro mat to Anne’s shala. Everything was good in standing. I was a bit confused in utkatasana because I wasn’t thinking!! Well but at least I didn’t take extra breath there. Nick’s push in prasaritta padottanasna C was good. This time felt gentler than before :-) Seated was good. I was still sweating like crazy... I held my wrist in all marichyasana series! WOW! It was not a really firm hold in C and D but still I manage to do it!! Navasana was surprisingly straight today and it didn't feel so hard. What’s happened today?!! Bujapidasana was okay. Kurmasana was very nice but I didn’t get Nick’s hands in supta kurmasana crossing. I think I was waiting for like 20-30 breaths there. But he was busy with other students so I just went into transition. Garbha pindasana rolling was good. Nick offered help but I did it alone. Rolling up was not so good though. I came up with straight legs in 2nd attempt in supta konasana and several tries in ubbhaya padangusthasana. Oh Nick gave me good tips in setu bandhasana.... my non-favourite asana. Nick also asked whether I need help in drop back. I told him I would do once again and ask him if I need. My first drop back and come up was fine even if I sprang forward a bit. Nick gave me a sign that I do alone. I did 2 more alone and in the last one I came up with firmly grounded feet! Yes! And I did half roll with him. It was super nice.. and he gave me a very very nice massage/push in paschimattanasana afterwards. So sweet! I felt so blessed in today’s practice and with Nick’s help. Today I stayed 40 and 20 breaths in sirsasana and half bend. I felt super strong and light up there. Utplitih was even more than 10 breaths.. like 14 I think (but my breath/counting is much shorter than Sharath’s). I took a very short savasana.. like 3 min... I thanked Nick and left the room with really happy heart again. I like practising under the guidance of Anne and Lynne but Nick gives such different energy too. I really loved the practice today <3

At Yoga Room Defacqz on 14/10/19(Mon) from 06:55 to 08:25

Teacher: Nick


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