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Mysore practice 14/1/2020

I felt really good in my body and mind today. Had a good night sleep and didn't feel much on my lower back. I hesitated a bit whether to use a patch on the back but didn't do it. From today we are just two of us taking the rickshaw. Our driver Santhoshraj was really early so we left like 6:47am. When we got into the shala we were again one of the firsts in the waiting queue. Olivia and I both placed my our mats quite early. She was 2 rows behind me and at times we had eye contacts and smiled at each other. It was really nice. From surya namaskar A, I could feel my practice would be nice without much back pain. I was right. Asana-wise, I had the best practice. I felt super strong, flexible and energised. I was really focused and stable in utthita hasta padangusthasana and my breath was steady all along in the standing. At one point I thought maybe it was because of relatively empty stomach and good night sleep. I didn't really eat last night except some nuts and chickpeas. Seated was beautiful as my mind was calm and body felt light. Navasana was hard but I didn't fold my mat. My breath on the 4th and 5th might have been only short 4 but it was fine. Bujapidasana felt beautiful and super light. Transition was light and very well controlled. Someone helped me cross my ankles in supta kurmasana and it was super nice. The assistant teacher wanted me to close my hands even more firmly. I think next time I can try to catch my wrist.. :-) I breathed slow and calmly thinking about my teacher Anne. I felt home and very serene. Transition was super good. I think I made a most beautiful titibasana (among mine in the past of course...) today. I stayed a bit longer there just to feel my strength in the arms and opening hips. Transition was as smooth. Everything went well with steady breaths. I just had to roll up twice in ubbhaya padangusthasana. I am always wobbly when I balance after a roll-up. On the 2nd attempt I could balance well without bending my knees. Setu bandhasana was okay but I kept it short like 4 breaths...... Back bend was nice. I don't think it was really deep but as I didn't feel pain in the lower back I just lingered there enjoying the sensation of open heart. My come up from the third urdhva dhanurasana was so smooth and controlled. I directly began with drop back and come up. Only on the second come up I didn't control well but other than that everything was fine and I was happy. Michael was right in front of me and helped me catch. I stayed very long there and I felt I stayed longer than I did it with Sharathji. I was feeling a bit on my lower back but he gave me good instructions and I tried to breath as steadily as possible. It was super nice. He gave another very good push in paschimattanasana. Wow.. When I first tried with him, I was afraid he wouldn't be able to help me well (because he seemed way skinnier than me....;;). But I was totally wrong... he was so good helping me today. I think lots of it is in your head. I was really happy that I tried with him. So grateful I thanked him twice :-) In the closing I met with Olivia. But before.. Sharathji asked me whether I did catching and I said yes and nodded my head with a big smile. He asked with whom I did so I said 'Michael' and pointed at him. Sharathji had to get another confirmation from Michael and he also nodded his head. I really wonder what's with all this catching thing?!!! Oh well... I am glad I am able to do this from day 1, every day... Otherwise I might have become frustrated, which means more mind work would've been needed..... I just can't wait to try catching with Anne. In the closing, again in karna pidasana and urdhva padmasana, I thought of my husband. This time I didn't cry but I felt I was missing him. It's our 3000 days together today and this made me a bit more sentimental maybe... haha. So all the sarvangasana sequence was done with again feeling grateful to teachers and my husband. I stayed very mindful 50 breaths in sirsasana and 30 in half bend. Utplitih was 15 and I did a short nadi shodana before. I loved the practice, feeling energised and powerful. I stayed in rest pose with open eyes. Energy is too great, I am not able to really rest with closed eyes...

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 14/1/20 (Tue) from 8:10~15ish to 9:30

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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