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Mysore practice 13/6/19

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Today I took bus 64, metro and tram 93 to get to Yoga Room. I arrived around 6:25 and the room was not open as Nick was practicing :-) I slept really a lot last night so I thought I would feel good during the practice. But I felt a bit drowsy in the beginning. I don't know why. I jumped from 5th surya namaskar A. I got hands-on on prasarita padottanasana C and my utthita hasta padangusthasana was better (which means less wobbly). Standing sequence felt easy and seated as well till navasana...... I always fold the mat to sit there as I don't want to hurt my tailbone/sacrum area. I tried my best to straighten my legs + not to be wobbly. Supta kurmasana with Nick's help is magic. I don't know how he does it. It's so quick and firm. In urdhva mukha paschimottanasana, I was told to have my legs straight when I come and balance..... This is so tricky but I tried. I always loose my grip around feet but today I quickly held them again. Today I really straightened my legs in setu bandhasana. Pashasana... ah... pashasana... Pashasana... PASHASANA!!! WHy!!! so!! difficult!!!!.... I mean.. I already dreamt twice, TWICE of having pashasana in a perfect shape. OMG. I've never dreamt about doing a pose perfectly before but this pashasana........ appeared two times! With Nick's help I did it. I felt the second side was much easier. Back bend(urdhva dhanurasana) felt a bit unpleasant although I didn't have any alarming back pain. Drop back..... Nick told me to do the first one with his help and two others on my own. I brought a bolster and tried to do it alone. It went better than Monday/Tuesday. But coming up, I still needed his help. While doing this I felt really great lower back pain.... But surprisingly enough.. when I left the studio, I didn't feel any pain -_- what is this?!! Anyways I stayed about 20 breaths in sirsasana and 7 breaths in half bend. Utplitih was okay 10 breaths. I took a longer than usual savasana. Another great practice thanks to the teacher and other dedicated souls <3

70th Practice since September 2018

At Yoga Room Defacqz on 13/6/19(Thu) from 06:38 to 08:18

Teacher: Nick


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