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Mysore practice 11/4/19

I had ladies' holiday this week and had to travel to Berlin for work. So I couldn't go to my shala but I decided to try a shala in Berlin. When I searched for an Ashtanga Mysore practice, the google map showed me so many places. But I chose the one

'Ashtanga Yoga Berlin' which had a sub title 'traditional Mysore yoga since 2004'. It was in the centre and I booked my hotel nearby. The day before I had a really great time with my friends, drinking first German red and Spanish second. So when I woke up in the morning I was a bit hesitating whether to go or not to the practice. But I was like... 'Gayoung.. you booked this hotel because it's so near the shala... so you should go. Get your ass off the bed and just go!' So I got ready in 10 min and headed to the shala. It was only like 4 min walk away and when I arrived there were already about 6-8 people practicing. I explained to the teacher that I am a drop-in student and asked whether they accept card payment. It was very funny how Berlin works on mostly on cash. But luckily this shala accepts card. Nice! So I borrow a mat and found my place near the entrance of the practice room. It was a bit difficult to focus as it was a different environment and I felt a bit cold... And.... I didn't get any hands-on adjustment. I just got verbal/explanatory adjustments. This was a bit disappointing because in Helsinki and Paris I got some good hands-on adjustments. But here.. nothing. But maybe they are very careful with newcomers and drop-ins. Anyways... it was a good practice and I was happy that I went. In my pashasana, I could catch my hands on my own though my heels were off the mat. In sirsasana I stayed about 20 breaths and 6 in urdhva dandasana. I stayed 6 breaths in utplitih. I was very gentle to myself as my ladies' holiday was actually still going on :-) Though the flow was not heavy.

At Ashtanga Yoga Berlin on 11/4/19(Thu) from 07:15 to 8:55

Teacher: Sam


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