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Mysore practice 11/11/19

It was a good day today. I felt light and so awake thanks to my long nap and a good night's sleep. I woke up with an alarm though, got ready and arrived at the shala after 7:15am. It's a holiday after all so I was feeling lazy and at ease. I placed my mat on the front row and started my practice at 7:20am. I could feel that my body was well rested. But again, I wasn't really sweating in the standing sequence. In my utthita hasta padangusthasana Anne came and helped me. I felt a bit unstable though. But throughout the sun salutations and vinyasas I felt less pain on my back and felt my heart/chest being more open. Seated was all good, same as usual. In marichyasana C, Anne told me to lift my chest more up and open shoulder more. It was hard but I tried my best. In D, I felt I was super open and twisted. It was thanks to my empty stomach :-) Haha Navasana was not so good today. I felt weak. It was weird. I felt open and flexible but at the same time less strength in the body. Anyways.. Bujapidasana was good. I really loved my transition. Supta kurmasana was good with Anne's help but I lingered too much in transition and lost balance! Grrr I came quickly to bakasana and jumped. Garbha pindasana was so-so though I felt my right hand is getting closer to my ear. Rolling was not good. Baddha konasana was okay and upavistha konasana as well. Rolling up today was good in general. Setu bandhasana felt quite okay today. I was relieved. Pashasana was done with Anne's help. I can hold onto my fingers but pressing heels on the mat is just impossible at the moment.... Krounchasana was same. Shalabhasana felt less deep than yesterday. I tried bhekasana alone. First I did it separately. Right one first and the left one. And I tried both... I don't know how I was doing and nobody came to give me advice. I could lift my head and sternum a bit up.. so I guess it was okay enough. It felt actually better than I'd imagined. Urdhva dhanurasana felt good though I couldn't lift up from the last one. I landed on my butt. I did three drop backs but one time I fell onto my knees. Ha! I thought of Lynne's 'this is not a church!' hahahahahah I could've tried one more time but I didn't want to tire myself... so I waited for half roll. Today I tried to walk my fingers... Anne told me I wasn't breathing. Actually I am sure I was breathing but I guess not deeply enough. I was focusing too much on walking fingers to heels... So my breath might have been weak or lost +_+ Anyhow I didn't feel much pain in my lower back as usual so it was a good sign. Again I thought a good amount of sleep really affects the practice. Today Anne told/asked me a couple of things about Mysore and India :-) This was so cute and considerate of her! Shoulder standing sequence was same as usual and my inversion as well. I felt light in urdhva dandasana (half bend) and I think I even stayed longer than my usual 20 breaths. Utplitih was also more than 10 breaths (but I am sure my 10 breaths is like 5 counts of Sharathji!!). I took a 10 min savasana even without realising it!!!!! wow!!!!! Today I had a very good practice even though some asanas I couldn't do well as usual but mentally I was very satisfied. My body didn't feel any pain and it just felt like a bliss. I thanked Anne and said 'yes' to Wednesday class. I am glad I cancelled my Wednesday teaching this week... (p.s. Sorry! my students!!!). I stopped by the bakery Charli and bought lots of pastries for my brother and his girlfriend :-)

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 10/11/19(Sun) from 07:20 to 08:50

Teacher: Anne


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