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LED Half-Primary 22/9/19

It was after 3 weeks since I stopped practising. I had a small surgery and my body was not healing as fast as I wished. I could still feel the pain but I had to practise anyways because I was at a workshop!!! Wendy and I planned to come to this workshop from the beginning of the year. For the last two days, we learned breathing, twisting and many more. On this beautiful Sunday morning in Prague, we practised half led primary series for 2 hour guided by Kino MacGregor. Her energy was great and we were happy to be able to study with her. My body felt very raw but I was just happy to be on the mat. I focused a lot on breathing and bandhas….. to be specific, anus!! J I got some (3 or 4) hands-on from Kino. I was a bit sad not to practice full but we got many tips so it was good. I was very glad to see her approach being similar to mine. For me interesting things/approaches were, lateral stretch on janu sirsasana, shoulder rotations in standing, utkatasana, and sirsasana. I loved the way she taught sirsasana because it was same as my method >_< haha! But now I’ve learned more to explain during this practice. My utthita hasta padangusthasana left home.. I was super wobbly and couldn’t locate my bandhas at all… This was the moment I was taking a too long break. Even after the workshop, my body felt always so tired so I haven’t been to Mysore practice yet. I will come back from this Sunday or next Monday. For now, I don’t have any plan to continue with my treatment… so no excuse!

In Prague, Czech Republic on 22/9/19(Sun) from 10:00 to 12:00

Teacher: Kino MacGregor


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