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LED Full-Primary 5/1/20

Wearing special stones today...

Today, our driver Santhoshraj was 17-18 min late. I was getting frustrated and decided to tell him it is not okay and if it happens again, we would find another driver. But then later, I dropped the idea. I mean.. things can happen and we were not late at all at the shala. We wanted to place our mats on the back row and we were able to do it. So that was okay. Today my energy was not as good as last Saturday. I could feel stiffness in my legs in the first few surya namaskar. It felt weird. I thought I had enough sleep but maybe it was not the case. I don't remember when I broke into sweat but it was quite late in the practice. All the standing sequence was good. I felt I was quite stable in utthita hasta padangusthasana. Ardha baddha padmottanasana felt super stable too. Today my drishti was a bit distracted. I looked at other people in virabhadrasana B and some other poses. I took off my long sleeves when we started seated. I felt super good in forward fold and didn't feel the stiffness at all. I have a very steady transition in triang mukha ekapada paschimattanasana. I think I was a bit distracted in janu sirsasana C. Navasana was hard... I didn't like it today. I mean I don't like it generally but today was really not good. I cheated a bit by having hands behind the legs a few times. I folded the mat as I was feeling on my sacrum. Bujapidasana felt better than last Saturday and supta kurmasana was good. I tried to have at least left leg behind my neck/shoulder and I made a very weird supta kurmasana. Transition was below 'okay'..... Today, all the rolling ups were super fine. I did everything at one go and legs were straight. Setu bandhasana was really no-no today.. I somehow sat too close to my feet and couldn't properly straighten the legs. Both my feet were firmly on the ground with heels attached which was quite good but just with legs bent. I could feel strongly around my neck and I came down directly after the count '5'. All the chakrasanas were fine. I did them without swinging. Back bend was not good. I mean.. I felt comfortable in urdhva dhanurasana at the same time could feel a bit of pinching pain on the lower back. Ha.. not a good sign. So paschimattanasa felt super good..... Sarvangasana sequence was good. We stayed quite long in urdhva padmasana. Sirsasana was super good and half bend as well. I could just stay there and enjoy the pose. Again, I stayed all the way up in utplitih. It felt shorter than the Saturday one. I don't like utplitih but I can take it. (haha) Overall, it was a nice practice but just the energy I had during and after the practice was not as uplifting as Saturday. After the practice I heard a sad news and cried a bit. Maybe this was the reason my energy was a bit low. Tomorrow I will dedicate the practice to the special souls....

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 5/1/20 (Sun) from 6:30 to 8:00

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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