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LED Full-Primary 4/1/20

Coconut Girls :-)

Santhoshraj, our driver was 3 min late to pick us up. It was okay. We left home around 5:18am. When we arrived at the shala it was 5:34am and the door was already open with no one queueing. Oops. We went in and the room looked already full! We found spots in the back row and placed our mats there. Ayase, Olivia and I put the mats next to each other and we could see our teachers, Lynne and Nick, also on the same row. I found it very nice to be on the same row to practice... hehe We put the stuff in the changing room and came out. I still had my long sleeves on as I felt a bit cold. Maybe this is how the first batch people feel... In the dark, early morning, having to practice before everybody else. Until today I didn't know there was a clock on the wall. It was 5 min earlier than actual time.

We started 6:30 shala time I think. Some people came even after we started. Wow... We had some space in front of us and I found it nice, feeling not so cramped. I am sure the new shala gives more space for students compare to the old one. I loved the chanting, like I always do. I was super energised and feeling uplifted throughout the practice. Oh... maybe it's because I took Sharathji's advice on coffee??? Haha I drank a half a cup of coffee this morning... to be more awake. Standing was good and my utthita hasta padangusthasana was okay, not super stable. But I was happy I could hold all the counting. I think I was making super fast transition. Seated was good too. Even jump back and through felt strong. I mean.. I still can't lift but felt strong in my body. At times Sharathji scolded people who made transition before his count. Luckily I was aware of this thanks to the Copenhagen workshop... :-) I took off my long sleeves before marichyasana. I got hot and was sweating a lot. I didn't want to have slippery sensation between two cloths so quickly took off the shirts. I loved marichyasana... I just love it in Mysore. It's so easy. I can make transition without fidgeting. Navasana was... actually okay...... I did one or two without folded mat and I folded in the end. My legs were shaky and at the fifth I was leaning back a bit but I could hold 'okay'. I was happy it felt much better than Copenhagen. Bujapidasana didn't feel deep... as my normal practice but it was okay. I missed transition in supta kurmasana. I think I was hurrying and my body felt so light than usual... Grrrr. Though I came back to bakasana and did jumping. :-) Garbha pindasana was fine so was baddha konasana. I rolled up with a bit of bent legs in supta konasana. Rolling ups were a bit unstable but fine enough. Because of my tailbone/sacrum... rolling up and balancing is super hard..... but I am trying my best...!! Setu bandhasana was okay and I quickly came down after he said '5'. Back bend was okay. I could feel a tiny bit on my lower back so I didn't push too much. And I just realised today my back pain has gone. Nice nice!! Sarvangasana sequence was super good. Ohhhhhhh today I made a very good progress on my chakrasana. Usually I swing forward and back twice to three times to do chakrasana but today I just did it at one go without swinging.............. !!!!! Yay! Sirsasana counting felt long. But since I've been training to stay at least 20-30 breaths (my short breath), it felt okay. I could've stayed longer... and half bend as well. I loved to be there in the half bend. We did nadi shodana before utplitih. I should teach this to students in the half-led class... :-) Utplitih was super super super long....... Ha... But I have strong/thick arms and shoulders so I could hold all the way... haha........ how did I do it? I somehow did it.... I mean I shouldn't be attached to asanas or shouldn't feel 'accomplishment' too much but I was proud of myself. .... I was really happy with the practice and just feeling unlimited love for Ashtanga... I was energised so much I couldn't stay still in my rest...... So I was there with my eyes open and quickly went to the changing room. I was not even thirsty as I always am. Olivia and Ayase were out soon and we had coconut together. It was so nice drinking coconut water... :-)

The conference started at 8:50am shala time. Sharathji started with some important things to know for the first comers. And he talked about Mysore back in the 20s and covered various topics. I actually liked his answers to students' questions. About feeling and experiencing... :-) After the conference Olivia and I went to the shop to buy some stuff.... Poor Ayase had to wait for 30 min... :-( Hopefully I don't need to buy anything anymore!!! Overall I had a very good morning practice, super energised and feeling happy that I am here!

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 4/1/20 (Sat) from 6:30 to 8:00

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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