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LED Full-Primary 27/1/2020

Because my ear was infected yesterday I was worried about my practice today. I could see my ear is coming back to the normal size. Olivia and I placed our mat quite front, near the changing rooms. The room was warmer and I could feel that the practice would be quite good. And it was a very good practice. I started without any extra clothes today and didn’t feel cold. My utthita hasta padangusthasana was a tiny bit unstable but I focused a lot on the breathing, thinking of the conversation we had on the way to Nanjangud the other day. Standing was good. I felt strong and stable. Seated was good too of course.. I thought of my bandhas and breathing only. Today my mind was not busy and I was also focusing a lot on the Sanskrit counting. Haha... I finally focused more carefully on the counting! Oh well.. we have one more LED left :-) I felt really good and happy both mind and body wise. Even setu bandhasana felt manageable though I came directly down after his 5 count. Oh I felt my rib cages more in Urdhva mukha svanasana today. I usually only feel my chest and a bit of lower back but today it was rib cages. Nice. I felt my back bend was getting better with this feeling. So urdhva dhanurasana was really good. I really liked it. Sarvangasana was heaven so was sirsasana. I felt super strong. Utplitih was absolutely doable (hihi). I stayed up before and after his count and felt I could stay longer. Ashtanga asana practice gave me such energy and positive vibes today.

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 27/1/20 (Mon) from 6:30 to 8:00

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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