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LED Full-Primary 25/1/20

It was a weird practice, especially my mind-wise. In the beginning it was difficult to not think about what Lynne said just before the practice. I was affected by it and I didn’t like it. My asana practice was okay. The room was cold and somehow I was feeling my back too! Grrrr Today I focused a lot on my mula bandha. And I didn’t give 100% to the practice. I was a bit tired, my mind was busy and it was cold (did I already say that? Haha). Standing was same as usual and seated as well. At times I didn’t jump back and I didn’t hold chaturanga. It felt good resting my belly on the mat. I tried supta kurmasana alone but quickly gave up. With not-so-warm body it wasn’t happening. All the transitions and rolling ups were good. I came to kind of ‘hate’ setu bandhasana.. I have to find a way where I don’t hurt myself :-( Urdhva Dhanurasana was okay but I didn’t walk my hands too much. I was just focusing on steady breathing. Shoulder stand was heaven so was sirsasana. I held utplitih before and after his count. I can say I am good at utplitih (^_^) It felt like a practice I would have when I have a busy schedule back home. And I really felt like going home soon. Now, we are left with 2 more LED and 3 Mysore practices.. and we are off.

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 25/1/20 (Sat) from 6:30 to 8:00

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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