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LED Full-Primary 21/6/19

It's the international yoga day today! I went to my teacher's LED class. I am still feeling back pain but it's not so bothering to practice. I placed my mat on my usual spot. I could fully bend and touch my knees from 2nd surya A. I was again less wobbly in my utthita hasta padangusthasana. All my seated was same as usual. In supta kurmasana, I could firmly grab my fingers. I didn't cross my legs because I was afraid of loosing my grip. I was quite happy with myself being able to stay with my fingers firmly clasped. Transition to titi and bakasana went well though it was very low. Today I came up at one go in ubbhaya padangusthasana. I guess Anne's cue was helping me better. I still feel a lot also on my neck, so I didn't do setu bandhasana fully. I was only on the crown of the head. I could definitely feel my back in urdhva dhanurasana.... haa.... I should see an osteopath. :-( I've never felt this kind of pain and it's affecting my back bend.... Anyways I put a lot of focus on my shoulder stand especially with my legs (Anne gave lots of tips here), and I stayed stable (I think) in both sirsasana and half bend. Utplitih was okay though my hips were hanging a bit low. Another great practice. And in the evening I went to Nick's Ashtanga Basics followed by 108 surya namaskara session. It was a great international yoga day :-)

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 21/6/19(Fri) from 07:05 to 08:35

Teacher: Anne


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