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LED Full-Primary 20/1/20

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

I didn’t go to toilet so my belly felt very full. Today we placed our mat on the other side (near changing rooms) to change our perspective again :-) Olivia also had some problem with her belly. Ah double trouble... I felt a tiny bit stiff but it was okay. I focused a lot on deep breathing and feeling the stretch on the upper back. I think I started to sweat after ardha baddha padmottanasana. My utthitha hasta padangusthasana was stable. I felt my heavy belly was anchoring my body well on the ground (hahahahah). Seated was good but somehow jumping through felt little bit limited (because of the heavy stomach?!) Though I loved the practice today. The same as usual practice. I didn’t like janu sirsasana C today as I didn’t want any pressure on my belly. Arghhhh!!! Navasana was okay and I folded my mat from the second one. Bujapidasana and kurmasana were good. I liked the transition. All the rolling ups were fine. It was hard to stay in setu bandhasana and urdhva dhanurasana was okay. I walked in on the third one. My back is still hurting but it was okay. Sarvangasana sequence was lovely and I felt super super super stable in sirsasana. For about 5 breaths I felt I wasn’t moving at all. I liked the serenity of this pose, and half bend as well. I lifted before count 1 in utplitih and came down after count 10. In my head I was like.. I could stay 50 breaths. I felt really strong. I couldn’t stay in resting pose so I just sat up. It was a really nice asana and breathing practice for me today. My mind was also clear....!

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 20/1/20 (Mon) from 6:30 to 8:00

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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