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LED Full-Primary 14/6/19

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Today's practice made me realise again that Ashtanga is my 'life'. I love Ashtanga! I am glad I decided to go to LED Full-Primary. Today I arrived really early like 6:40. I was chatting with other practitioners till the teacher came. I placed my mat on my usual spot, kneeled down and was breathing. I felt good from the beginning. It must be the good night sleep. I put a special attention to tuck my tailbone under while I make chaturanga dandasana. My utthita hasta padagusthasana was a bit wobbly but I felt it was firmer than usual. In the sitting sequence, I was able to jump through with straight legs many times. My feet still brushed through the mat but they were coming out straight. Such a happy moment. Anne gave me hands-on in triang mukha ika pada paschimottanasana. She mentioned about my cupping marks and we laughed a bit. I like those moments. Yes, Ashtanga can be a serious practice which needs daily dedication and effort. But you can interact with teachers in a non-yoga way too and find small amusing things during the practice. I smile often in my navasana or when I make unintended movement. I enjoy my practice. My practice today felt so flowy and effortless again. I didn't need to push myself - I was just breathing and sweating and the asanas came naturally. Today I could..... I could finally hold my tips of the fingers together in supta kurmasana!! OMG!!!!! Anne still came and helped me to cross my ankles behind the neck and to hold my hands firmer. This felt so good and happy. In setu bandhasana, I tried to really straighten my legs (even though I was afraid of the neck pain), and Anne said 'good, Gayoung'. I really love to hear her encouraging words >_< Urdhva dhanurasana felt same as usual. In sarvangasana Anne pushed my feet a bit further towards back. So I guess my shoulder stand is a bit leaning towards my head. I should remember this. And... in sirsasana..... she counted 1 and left the room.... and I was thinking, is she going to come back with the count '2'? I counted my self after her count 1 but lost the track. She came back, yes with count 2!!! hahahahahaha So I stayed in sirsasana longer than usual and stayed in half bend throughout her count. I was super happy I did it! I felt so nourished and happy after the practice. And as I wrote in the beginning, I was feeling so much love for Ashtanga yoga. This is all thanks to my teachers. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

71st practice since September 2018

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 14/6/19(Fri) from 07:05 to 08:35

Teacher: Anne


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