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LED Full-Primary 13/1/20

The shala was especially colder than usual. When we arrived we placed our mats again in the back and I found out I placed the mat next to Lynne’s. So nice to be next to my teacher and my friend. My body was cold and my stomach felt uncomfortable. Maybe too much spices last night. I don’t remember when I broke into sweat but it was way later in the practice. I kept my long sleeves till the end. Standing was good. I didn’t feel very strong today but felt I was surrounded by good energy. I was a bit wobbly in utthitha hasta padangusthasana but could control okay. I tried the trick on prasaritta padottanasana C but it didn’t work today. I guess my body was still cold and not open. I tried to semi hand stand jump back in virabhadrasana and it felt ‘okay’ for my standard.. hihi Seated was good. I was able to bind easily in marichyasana with long sleeves. Navasana was hard but I was able to do all 5 without folding the mat. My legs were shaky but I survived! Bujapidasana and supta kurmasana transitions were weird as it felt a bit slippery with clothes on but it was fine. I am not working towards ‘perfect’ asanas. I just go through the process/experience, breathe, feel and reflect. I thought of my husband again during the practice. I think more of my husband than my mom... So weird. All the rolling ups were fine but I bent my knees when I balanced in ubbhaya padangushtasana. Setu bandhasana felt just ‘no-no’. It was so painful around my lower back and the back of the neck. I immediately came down after the 5th count. Wow... that was too much :-( Urdhva dhanurasana felt also hard on my back. I just focused on deep breathing. Ha.. I became worried about my back. Well.. we will see how it goes from tomorrow. I should take an early night rest. Sarvangasana sequence was heaven and I loved sirsasana. I think one day I will try to stay for 30 minuets. I loved baddha padmasana today and I was holding the whole 10 counts in utplitih. I loved the practice today but just a bit worried about my back..!

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 5/1/20 (Sun) from 6:30 to 8:00

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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