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LED Full-Primary 11/1/20

When we entered the shala, Sharathji was hanging a bell in the entrance. We could directly tell it was to call people between the break time and conference. We entered and again we placed our mats on the back row. This time, there were two Korean ladies next to me whom I’ve been following on blog. I said hi and talked briefly. It was nice to talk to them in person :-) And on the same row again, there were Lynne and Nick. So nice to practice with our teachers. Today I was a bit distracted in the beginning. The shala was cold and my mind was just not stable. In prasaritta padottanasana C I used the trick/fun thing Olivia had taught me. I stretched my pinkies out and touched the ground. Wow!!! So I could finally tell/feel where I am with my hands. Nice! Thanks Olivia!! :-) And today I was wobbly in utthitha hasta padangusthasana :-( Grrrr I was still not warm in the standing. Seated was good but my mind was busy. I took off my long-sleeves before marichyasana C. Navasana was painful so I folded the mat this time. If I want to survive Sharathji’s count, it’s better to fold... bujapidasana was okay but kurmasana felt not so deep. I felt I was limited with space around me but it was okay. If people next to me can have more space, that’s it and I am fine with it. Supta kurmasana was okay but as my kurmasana was a bit weird supta was also little bit different. Garbha pindasana felt deep today and I was almost touching my right ear. All the rolling ups were okay but I had to bend my knees in ubbhaya padangusthasana rolling up. Setu bandhasana felt long for me as my neck was in pain a bit. But Sharathji was right in front of me helping someone so I stayed all the way. Back bend felt not so good but I kept my steady breath. The only think I like about Urdhva dhanurasana is that you really feel your breaths with open heart. Sarvangasana sequence was beautiful and sirsasana was nice too. I felt super strong in inversion and wanted to stay longer in half bend. I again stayed all the way in utplitih. I don’t know how but I just survive this long count. Overall it was a good practice. Some poses were not done in the best way and my mind was a bit busy at times. But the practice is like life. Your life is always changing and is not same all the time. Slight distraction in your mind or surroundings can change your practice or everyday routine. The point is how you perceive/embrace these and stay calm and intact. So even though my asana practice was not the best I was happy that I could practice the whole series without any negative energy and thoughts :-)

+ ah it was so cute that Sharathji started the opening chant after the practice and everybody hesitated a bit. Hahaha :-)

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 5/1/20 (Sun) from 6:30 to 8:00

Teacher: Sharath Jois

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