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LED Full-Primary 1/11/19

It was really nice practising LED full primary. I've been only practicing Mysore for long so it was a very refreshing. Monica and Wendy practiced together so it was even more fun :-) Every time I practice, I learn new things. Standing was good and I just loved hearing sanskrit counting. I will study sanskrit counting when I have more time. I was happy that I could hold (more or less) still in utthita hasta padangusthasana. Jumping in utkatasana is still hard for me. All the seated was good I felt relatively light. I held my wrist in marichyasana. Navasana was done on the 'normal' mat twice but from the third one I folded the mat. I stayed a bit bent till 2-3 counting and tried to straighten up legs for the rest. Bujapidasana was okay. Supta kurmasana felt so good. In the LED class, you have to follow counting so I didn't have much time to think/reflect on my asanas. Rollings ups were not so good (haha) but I didn't mind. Setu bandhasana felt long and my forehead hurt from the cotton mat. Urdhva dhanurasana was okay. I didn't feel I was back bending as deep as I do normally. But it still felt good. Shoulder standing sequence felt so good too (now I understand why they call the primary series 'yoga therapy'). In the sirsasana I felt little bit uncomfortable on my left shoulder but I could hold. I just love sirsasasana. After a very generous time in balasana, we moved onto the three closing poses. Anne's utplitih felt not so long today. We took a very sweet savasana and listen to her small talk. It was another grateful morning. After the practice, Monica, Wendy and I spent some time together. It was a lovely Friday morning and afternoon <3

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 1/11/19(Fri) from 07:35 to 09:05

Teacher: Anne


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