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Full primary led 14/12/18

The day before(13/12/18) I had a long evening, replacing an Ashtanga half-primary class and attending a yin yoga class afterwards. I thought it was okay to keep busy schedule as I took a day off on the 14th(Friday). I normally teach on Friday mornings but as I wanted to come to the led class taught by Anne, I asked for a replacement. So Wendy had to teach my class :-)

The class started at 7am sharp. Anne was giving tips for each asana. To be frank, one thing I vividly remember is her correction in my padmasana. WOW. It was a very gentle touch but my whole posture changed dramatically. Again, it's my bandhas! Throughout the practice, she stressed on lengthening/making space between tailbone and belly button, and belly button and sternum. She gave us so many good tips but I don't remember everything... I was just focusing too much on correcting my asanas and didn't take enough mental notes. In ardha uttanasana, she also stressed on having sternum facing forward. It was a really good led class. But, but but! This led class really made me think about the benefits of Mysore practice. In Mysore practice, I can take my time to breathe slowly and I am more aware of how my body parts feel and move. I am not out of breath as I take my time to breathe and adjust but in led classes, it's different. It is really funny to see that I prefer Mysore more than led classes in which I've been practicing for so many years! Anyways I was glad that I went to the led class instead of teaching my class :-)

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 14/12/18(Fri) from 07:00 to 08:40

Teacher: Anne


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