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Full primary led 8/12/18

When I got the news that David Swenson is giving workshops in Brussels, I booked two sessions straight away. One was full primary led class and the other breathing, bandhas & pranayama. There was a handstand class in between those two sessions but when I booked, I was afraid and not confident in which I regret not doing. I took 64 and changed to 95 in Luxemburgplein. In the same bus, there were many people who were going to the workshops. I overheard that they were coming from Germany! When I got there, people were putting mats on the ground and it looked already packed. I met Anna (my Vinyasa teacher) and Carrie(Caroline) whom I used to attend Ashtanga class together in Yoga Room. We chatted a bit and the class began. The teacher started the class by explaining certain asanas in the full primary series and how we can modify. This was another eye-opener. I learned some good tips that I want to try. We started with chanting which was very different from what I am used to. We did surya namaskar A 5 times and B 3 times. In the first adho mukha svanasana, David adjusted my feet distance. In janu sirsasana, I got adjusted by Francesca. Again, my torso to the straight leg. In marichiasana B, David told me to place my down foot more to the outer side. These are the two adjustment I got from David.. I think. There were 44 people so I guess teachers could not give more adjustments. It was also tricky to do supta konasana. In urdhva dhanurasana, I felt so energised. I wish I could be this energised in my normal practice. After sirsasana, I tried urdhva dandasana but couldn't stay long. I think I stayed 2 seconds (haha). Utpluthih was very long. We stayed in the count 9 for more than 5 counts! Savasana was........ very very short :-( I don't know why he kept it so short. But overall it was a good practice. I felt the energy and atmosphere was different (not positive nor negative) in this practice. Maybe because it's been a while since I practiced full primary led with strangers?? I don't know.. Oh and I told David about my sacrum/tailbone issue and asked how I can do navasana. He showed me how to make a special shape with a towel(he used his own cloth) which will make my tailbone/sacrum less uncomfortable. So I will bring a towel to my mysore class tomorrow :-)

At Espace Tempo

organised by Ashtanga Space Shala Brussels on 8/12/18(Sat) from 10:00 to 12:00

Teacher: David Swenson


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