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Mysore Day 1

30~31 Dec 2019

The flight was actually better than I'd though. KLM offered very good service. Olivia and I didn't get the seats next to each other so in Amsterdam we asked at the boarding gate. And they put us in the economy comfort seats which were way better than normal economy. It was so nice!! Next to us, there was a Dutch lady also going to Mysore to study with Sharath Jois. It was interesting. We chatted a bit. I 'tried' to watch 3 movies and we landed in Bangalore. I was very impressed. It was super well organised and looked modern. So different from the Chennai airport I experienced 9 years ago!

When we arrived, taxi drivers were waiting for us and it took 3 hours to get to our place. It was 4:30 in the morning. We got a room each just to sleep and were told the room would be changed. As it is located on the big road it was so noisy..... The facilities were all good but just noisy. Oh well.. though I had a very good sleep. I woke up around 7:30am and got ready. And I took some photos from the roof top.

The typical views of Mysore.

Olivia and I decided to walk around and we went to the old shala first. We took some photos and were told we can visit inside the shala on Sunday. We went to Agni cafe, changed money and had our first breakfast there. Papaya juice was very 'Indianised' (haha) but the dosa with peanut chutney was really delicious. Wifi is also super fast here so we spend some time. And we just walked around more and got sim cards. It was interesting to just bump into some of the famous yoga teachers ;-)

My very first breakfast in Mysore cost me 1.25 euro......

We went back to our apartment and checked in. But we will have to change the rooms again tomorrow.......!! We were surfing the net and I took a small nap before we headed to the new shala. We booked a rickshaw by uber and went there. It took about 15-20 min I think.

When we arrived there were our teachers already +_+ And we met Ana again there!! We got the same practice time. After we came back, we went to Santosha cafe to drink something and we walked to Big Bazaar. I bought a hair dryer and other stuff.. I was so happy to find bhuja mix >_< On the way back home we went to Anima Madhva Bhavan to eat... It was super nice. We arrived before dinner time which is 7:00pm but were served a bit earlier. And we walked back home. I am happy that Gokulam is relatively small and we can just walk around easily. It's just too noisy since everybody seems to honk at everybody. Nonetheless I am happy that I am here.


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