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Gokulam days

For the past two days, we just stayed in Gokulam, taking it easy. There is still plenty to see and explore, especially food. I think we already prefer certain places than others. Food is so cheap and various here I don't feel the need to cook. I mean... when I go back to Brussels, I will have to cook almost every day. So let's enjoy these non-cooking days >_<

6 January 2020 Monday

Chakra House and its colourful decorations

I wanted to order tofu scramble but followed Sharathji's advice on 'one thali a day' :-)

I exchanged money at Chakra House. The seating was comfortable and I read my book on Schopenhauer. Vegan thali was good but the rice was too little........

Nice treat from Olivia <3

Shala dog and Olivia

We found a very sickly puppy and Olivia wanted to take it to a vet but it won't follow us..

The sick puppy and his/her mum

There are so many stray dogs and they all have sad faces... Olivia fed the mummy and baby dogs. Olivia has such love and tender heart for those dogs and I felt it's her sadhana.

The duo

7 January 2020 Tuesday

Idly sambar finally!!!! @ Sri Durga Bhavan

Mysore ladies at Depth & Green

Anna's favourite view

After the practice Olivia and I went to Sri Durga Bhavan. The place was busy and we saw some teachers there. I finally had my idly sambar!!!! It was yummmmmy and the big chai with little sugar was so good. I am coming back to this place :-) After that we went to an organic shop near the old shala and moved to Depth & Green. I had juice while others had brunch.

Tempered glass + installation for 59 rupee (74 cents)

Sri Ramakrishna Ashram

Women of India - I had to buy this book as it reminded me of my intern days when I had to write a paper on women and labour in India... :-)

On the way to the Sri Ramakrishna Ashram, we spotted this guy offering tempered glass for phone for 59 rupees and had ours changed. When we went to the Ashram and bookshop, they were closed. They have a break time between 12 and 4..... We went back to our place and I read my book. And we finally went to the bookshop again around 6pm and I got a small book on women of India. They have many books on/written by Swami Vivekananda.

Just a small price for a good look!

A nice sized and beautiful Bhagavad Gita

And we went to a beauty salon near the old shala to book our treatment. See... I was telling everybody this would be a luxurious trip....! At Hasiru Organics shop, we found more books. We moved onto Depth & Green again for light dinner. It was a relaxing but fun day.

Nice explanation. I was curious about the content but didn't buy it.

Depth & Green again for light dinner

Thai papaya salad for dinner <3


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