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Devaraja Market

After the practice today we decided to go to a local restaurant in Ballal Circle and then to the big Big Bazaar. And somehow we ended up going to Devaraja market. I love this coincidence (or rather it was our destiny?!! :-)) how three ladies from the row 14 on the KL897 flight were all coming to Mysore and practice with the same teacher and being in the same batch. We booked a rickshaw with Ola and went to the Ballal Circle. We arrived in the restaurant around 2:30pm and it was still full of people. We didn't understand what's on the menu for lunch so just ordered South Indian Thali. I loved to eat rice and it was plenty. After that we went to Big Bazaar to buy an electric kettle and some tea. As we still had some time we decided to go to the Devaraja market. It was really vibrant and busy. Very different from Gokulam. I loved the colours and was thinking of my husband. He would've loved this place for pictures. After a short visit we went to the St. Philomena Cathedral to meet one of my students who was travelling in India. It was so fun and nice to see her here. We went back to the Devaraja market again and strolled together.

Colourful flowers

South Indian Thali

St. Philomena Cathedral

Photo credit: Anna, Olivia and Me :-)


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