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The day before a rest day :-)

4 January 2020 Saturday

After the amazing LED class, we were happy that we can stay till late and have 'fun' as it's a rest day tomorrow. First Anna, Olivia and I went to the Green Hotel to have lunch. It was nice with outdoor seating. We had some north Indian and Chinese food. After talk talk talk, we went back to Gokulam. Olivia and I had dinner together, did some shopping and went to see a movie. I was waiting for this moment. When I was in Mumbai, going to a movie was a thing for me. I would go alone and watch any Bollywood movie. I remember watching movies without subtitles yet getting the most of the story as they were quite simple. There was only Hindi(Bollywood) movie that was on this evening. The title is 'Good Newwz' and by looking at the poster, we could easily guess what the story is about. The movie was at 10pm so we did some shopping in the mall. And Anna and Christina joined us last minute. How nice! I was very shocked to see English subtitles. OMG. This is so convenient. I assumed there wont' be any subtitles like Mumbai. But according to my small research on the languages in India, Kannada (the local language spoken in Mysore, Karnataka) is not similar to Hindi and not many population actually speak good level of Hindi. So maybe that's why they had subtitles in English. It could've been in Kannada but as there are many migrants from other regions, English is widely spoken.

Actually the movie was not about what we'd thought. It was slightly different and we were a bit surprised because the movie covered some topics we were talking about during our lunch. What a coincidence again! It had all the good charms of Bollywood movie. Very vibrant and colourful visuals, jolly music and dance, easy story, and a good mixture of sad and happy moments... :-) Like 9-10 years ago they still played the national anthem before the movie started and all people stood up. There was an intermission session as well! The movie was fun and touching and I could relate myself to the story... I am so glad we went for a movie tonight and I hope to do it more while I am here!

The Green Hotel

Pea Masala, Aloo Gobi and Gobi Manchurian


Paper Dosa!

Yes.. we have 'Dosa' belly

Girls' night out at the cinema!!

Before a movie starts... they play the national anthem

Photo Credit: Olivia, Anna and me :-)


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