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Sternum pain

Since few days before I left for Korea, I had this annoying pain around sternum area and heartburn feeling whenever I breathe deeply or move a bit vigorously. It felt like it was related to my throat and neck as I had from time to time dry throat as well. So I was afraid this was one of the symptoms of Corona. When I arrived in Korea, I got tested for Corona directly and luckily the result was negative. But the pain continued. It reminded me of Anna whom I met in Mysore. In the middle of our 1 month stay, she had the similar pain. This pain limited my practice especially in back bending. Doing asanas like supta kurmasana, kurmasana and urdhva mukha svanasana is fine and they do not trigger the sternum pain but when I do urdhva dhanurasana and drop back practice, the pain is obviously felt. It is not pleasant but not deadly so I continue. I didn't do much research on this topic and didn't go to see a doctor so don't know the reason yet. But if this continues even after the 14 day self-isolation, I should go to see a doctor.

In the meantime.. I should read this.


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