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Special day

I decided to write about my asana practice today because it was special. Actually every practice is somewhat special as I learn or discover new things each time. But today, I was really shocked by my own body's capability. Two weeks ago, I took a weekend workshop with Philippa Asher. I learned 'different' ways of practising asanas compare to what I was used to. Some things I prefer the old ways but many things I like how she taught me. I didn't have plan to take her 2 week Mysore pragramme as the Camden studio is a bit far from my work and I didn't want to be stressed during practice. But at the second week of the programme (which is this week), as I have to go to office only twice (3 times teleworking from home), I decided to join from then. Under her guidance I feel I use more internal muscles. I normally liked the primary series because I could explore my flexibility to the maximum and there is good amount of balance between using flexibility and strength. But now, I feel I need to use more muscle than flexibility! Anyways, luckily I have good health condition at the moment (meaning no major pain on my sternum or anywhere in the body and mind), so my practice has been pretty good too. I regain my strength (judging from uthplitih) and I feel so open in my body. Today is a special day because Philippa taught/helped me till kapotasana. I sometimes practised till laguvajrasana or kapotasana B(not A) when I felt very energetic while home-practising but I've never done kapotasana A. It was another magical moment where I just found myself in the asana and my back didn't hurt! She told me to think of opening front body rather than doing back bend. It made very much sense. When she told me to bring elbows in, I felt as if I was in Mysore again! It was such a surprising moment and sweet at the end. I was really grateful to her for showing me my own body's capabilities. On the way back home, I was thinking it may be really true that it is your mind not the body that blocks you from doing physical things. What a pleasantly surprised, happy and grateful day!


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