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Self practice 3-4/8/19

3 August 19 Sat

Before I came to Korea, I made a promise to myself to keep my daily practice even if it's short. The day after I arrived in Korea which was 3rd August, I woke up around 5:40am and had my practice after 6am. It was warm (31 Celsius degree) so I thought my body would open up easily and sweat more. But I became a bit exhausted and had a very lousy practice..... I skipped marichyasana D and all my chakrasana was not happening. It was interesting to see this change. Throughout the practice, I kept thinking about what my teachers said or adjusted in certain asanas. I made some self correction/adjustment. My body felt very heavy during the practice either due to the hot weather or my heavy stomach.. I thought :-) Nonetheless I did the whole primary practice and did drop backs too (without a bolster!). My sirsasana and half bend was same as usual. It was a bit lousy but okay practice.. :-)

At my parents' place in Anseong, Korea on 3/8/19(Sat) from 06:10 to 07:30

4 August 19 Sun

I woke up quite late.. like 9:45am so the practice was late too. Today I felt even worse than yesterday. Standing sequence was good but seated was hard. I don't know why I feel so heavy in seated. I skipped marichyasana D again but my transition in bujapidasana was better. I held my fingers tight in supta kurmasana (yesterday too!). I think this has became mine.. which won't escape from me.. :-) Again, chakrasana was difficult and I thought maybe it is because of my neck. My neck feels very tight from the long flight. Anyways.. today's drop back was not so good. I landed on my head (very gently) twice and I was a bit sad. I think I should rest more and well to engage in more conscious practice. Or I should practice in a bit cooler room?! Though I've done my practice and I was happy!

At my parents' place in Anseong, Korea on 4/8/19(Sun) from 10:30 to 11:50


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