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Mysore practice 9/12/18

When I woke up I had a headache mostly on my forehead and the right top/back of the head. Weird. I should feel this kind of pain only when I got hit or fell on my right side of the head. I don't really have a blocked nose.. so it shouldn't be from breathing not properly. Anyways I went to practice around 7:55am. When I go to the Mysore practice, I am usually one of the first people but today there were already many people.

I sat for meditation but my nose was annoying me so went to toilet to get some paper. When I came back I started surya namaskar directly. Today.. I felt my body was heavy and stiff. I could feel sore muscle pain in my shoulders and upper arms, which was from feetup practice last night. Feetup practice is really nice but not as easy as it looks. So with the heavy feeling and sore pain my body didn't feel good. My practice was very slow today. Really slow with lots of pauses. I didn't jump all the time either. In utthita trikonasana Adriana opened my shoulder. In janu sirsasana I put a lot of attention in my torso going straight onto the straight leg. Lynne helped me in marichyasana D right side. Now I can do this alone but as I was feeling heavy and slow today she saw me struggling. I am always grateful when teachers come and help. I love their hands-on adjustment. I got also help in supta kurmasana. Rolling up in supta konasana and ubhaya padangusthasana went well. But urdhva mukha paschimottanasana was still tricky. This one, I can't imagine myself doing it in near future. In urdhva dhanurasana, I felt heavy so I thought very shortly of not doing the drop back and come up. But I decided to do it and did half rolls alone. And Lynne came to me and told me to do drop back and come up 3 times without pause. And.......... somehow it felt so easy. Really! Maybe it's the assist from another teacher? I mean.. during the whole practice I felt tired, heavy and slow but in this one, I felt energised... ha.. so weird! In my head I picture my lumbar being super flexible like those on instagram +_+ From sirsasana to urdhva dandasana I lost control so couldn't hold and come directly to the mat. Today's savasana was really sweet. I took my time :-)

After the practice, I went to have brunch with Zoe. It was a lovely morning with a lovely company <3

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 9/12/18(Sun) from 07:55 to 09:40

Teacher: Lynne, Adriana


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