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Mysore practice 8/11/19

It was a very busy day. I taught two classes and attended two classes. There were not many students today at the shala so teachers and we practiced together. Anne came to help a few times. I felt so tired. It was due to my heavy stomach. I couldn't resist cooking at night and ate after my class on Thursday. My body felt heavy so it was difficult to breathe deeply. I wasn't really sweating in the beginning. This is very different from October when I sweated a lot during the practice. Though my jump back landing felt lighter than usual. At some point jump back felt tired so I walked back a few times. Bujapidasana transition was surprisingly okay and supta kurmasana felt so sweet. With Anne's hands it feels so easy. Transition here was okay too. My rolling up was very fine too. I just have to roll up slowly and not with hasty mind. Back bend felt not so good. I just focused more on opening my heart. Sirsasana was good as usual with 30 breaths and about 20 in half bend. I took a very sweet savasana. It was a bit weird practice but I was glad that I went! After that we had a cupping session :-)

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 8/11/19(Fri) from 07:05 to 08:30

Teacher: Anne


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