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Mysore practice 7/3/19

I arrived first today at the shala :-) I talked a bit with Lynne and started breathing. Today I got many adjustments from Lynne. She also told me to turn my hands out in prasaritta padottanasana C. I will remember and try this. In supta kurmasana, it was more difficult to hold my hands than before... I really have to find out how to make this in more 'pleasant way' haha. Now I can really jump back from bakasana though it's not so beautiful. But the day will come. Today I felt I was getting 'really' used to the morning practice. In dropback and comeup, Lynned helped me and today felt easier :-) I again stayed in urdhva dandasana for about 10 breaths today. It was another nice practice.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 7/3/19(Thu) from 06:40 to 08:15

Teacher: Lynne


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