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Mysore practice 7/2/19

I felt so much better than the 5th. I felt lighter and less tired. Again, it's been 4 days so I don't remember a lot from this practice. I wanted to speed up my practice so I didn't take more than 5 breath in asanas (As sometimes I take more than 5 breaths to feel deeper in the asana). When I practiced drop-back and come up with Anne's help, I felt I almost got it. This time she was helping me from the floor. She sat, pushed my feet down and helped around upper thighs. I liked this method. But again... practicing alone is scary. I tried last Saturday (9th Feb) dropping back alone and I landed on my head... grrrrrrrrrrr Like the teacher said before, I should practice on the wall first... on the wall!

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 7/2/19(Thu) from 06:40 to 08:25

Teacher: Anne, Lynne


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