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Mysore practice 7/1/2020

Sharathji's shoes always catch my eyes... :-)

In short, it was a very calm, serene and good practice. This time we were fast enough to sit in the beginning of the waiting queue. I immediately got up after 'one more' sign when there was no on in front of me. I placed my mat on the second row to the right side (left if you look from the podium). It was a nice location with light coming in through the window. But I still kept my long sleeves as I felt not so warm. Today my body didn't feel stiff at all. It was a nice start though my mind was just so calm. I didn't expect anything and I wasn't worried about anything. Actually in surya namaskar I could feel my back bend would be okay today. I didn't feel any pain on the lower back and body felt intact. Utthita hasta padangusthasana was good. I was stable. After ardha baddha padmottanasana, I went to toilet. I still kept my strong ujjayi breathing not to loose the heat inside the body. I noticed Ayase near me on the row 3 and also Charlotte from Gent. Anna placed her mat 1 mat away from me. I was surrounded by familiar people and maybe this made me unconsciously comfortable. I focused a lot on breathing in today's practice. I was hyperventilating in only one point which was catching. Seated was good as always. I just love forward bending for the two reasons: 1) I feel I am just being within myself. I don't know how to put it more exactly but I liked the feeling of being alone. 2) It's physically easy. So I can stay there as long as I want with chin on the shin. I caught Nick's eyes few times. It's so nice to see his practice and his big smile. So beautiful, powerful and inspiring. Navasana was done without mat folded. I could hold it as I didn't feel much pain on the sacrum area. The first navasana felt easy and I was surprised at myself. Ha? But of course... from the second one it was hard so I kept my count short. (maybe around 3-4). Bujapidasana was okay and kurmasana felt super deep. One assistant came helped me cross my legs. It was deep enough but not as deep as Anne does. Anne really makes my legs go deep behind.. I miss it but it was also good that I got the help. Transition was okay but as the assistant was still right in front me, I couldn't make the transition as smooth as I do normally. Garbha pindasana was good. I love the rolling here as it feels so smooth and easy. Kukutasana was beautiful (to my standard). Baddha konasana was sweet and upavista konasana as well. All the rolling ups were good. My legs were slightly bent when I came up from ubbhaya padangushtasana but other than that, I was happy. Setu bandhasana was good as I could really straighten my legs with feet down. But I still kept it short not to have too much pressure around the back of the neck. Back bend felt quite good. I was happy I didn't feel any pain. I came up directly from the third one. The calm aspect of the practice was strongly felt in the back bend practice. Drop back and come up was very stable except the last one. I mean.. I came up at one go but I moved my feet a bit. At the same time I caught Sharathji's eyes while he was helping the person in front of me. I smiled wide and him also. I waited for catching while he was pushing the lady in paschimattanasana. He came and we started directly. It felt good. He helped me catch and he said 'good'. This time he didn't say 'bend elbows!!'. This time he even moved my hands a tiny bit further up. My breathing became very rough and I could feel a tiny bit on my left lower back. I came up and kinda held his arms (arghhh!!) When I was ready in paschimattanasana, he said my name 'Gayoung' in such serene voice. So I replied back directly 'yes'. And he said 'very good'. Wow....... I was so moved and my heart was filled with warm energy. After his push I quickly removed my mat and clean the area with the extra towel. In the closing area, I was still so moved and overwhelmed by his words... Calling my name and saying very good (even though I don't think it was good).... Ah... I could understand what Anne told me about Sharathji. And suddenly in karnapidasana, I thought of one of my friend and cried a bit. Tears just broke like that... and it made me think about another friend. My good friends in Brussels.. without their encouragement, support, sharing and love, I would've not enjoyed the practice as much. So from karnapidasana onwards... my heart was filled with so many different kinds of emotion. I thought mostly of my friends, Anne and Lynne. In sirsasana I stayed 50 breaths and another 50 in half bend. My emotions were strong but the energy and body were calm and strong. I stayed 15 breaths in utplitih and did a short version of nadi shodana. I could've done it before utplitih but it happened like that.. I took a short savasana and left the changing room together with Olivia. So my practice was a bit speedy. We bowed to Sharathji together and I was really happy to see his smiling face. Even writing it now makes me so emotional. Good, calm, nourishing energy and emotion that I associate with my experience with Sharathji, my thoughts on my friend and the special souls that went through the similar situation.

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 7/1/20 (Tue) from ??? to 9:45

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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