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Mysore practice 4/3/20

To be honest, I practised only twice in February. I was busy with moving and my mind and body were just not ready and not wanting to practise. Normally I would've felt so guilty not practising but I was okay. My body was tired and sore from all the cleaning, unpacking and moving and my mind was busy, occupied and sad. Half of my mind was always in London and it was difficult to focus on my own life before moving into the new place here in Brussels. After I felt settled, I went back to practice yesterday. But we had an issue with the door. So we had another practice of waiting and being supportive for each other... :-) I cancelled my teaching class this morning to go to Lynne. I was afraid. I took another very long break and I didn't sleep enough. I placed my mat on my usual spot and started the practice with a bit of nervous mind. Despite my worries, I felt super good. My breathing was steady and the body felt strong. Maybe I got more muscles and strength after all these moves. I took enough time in surya namaskar. Lynne gave me lots of hands-on today and I was grateful. Standing felt really stable. My utthita hasta padangusthasana was super. I've never felt this stable in the shala. I went so deep in ardha baddha padmottanasana. It was easy to put chin on the shin and look to the toes. I was impressed by myself...!! Seated was good but from marichyasana C or D, I got a bit tired and didn't jump back. I walked back a few times. Since I ate a bit late last night, my belly felt full and twisting felt hard. But in general, I got some fat in my belly so all the twisting postures have become a disaster...! Navasana felt super strong and straight but my sacrum/tail bone area was sore and feeling bad. It was really bad I had to pause a few times to re-adjust. But Lynne said my navasana got much better. Bujapidasana was okay. Transition was stable. Everything was fine. I had a really good practice. At one point I was thinking... the physical practice is really related to the state of mind. Now I don't have the stressful full-time job and my moves are done so there was nothing to worry about. My mind was free so the body must've felt free as well. Even setu bandhasana felt okay. Pasasana was not good but I tried my best. Shalabasana and bhekasana were not so good. My bandhas and sacrum area felt weak. Though I was happy that I was able to practise without many problems. Back bend was okay. I am really stretching my front body these days. I engaged my glutes a bit. I tried to come up from the third urdhva danurasana but failed twice. I did it okay on the 3rd attempt. Drop back and come up were not so beautiful but I did it without much fear. Lynne helped me with half rolls and supposedly catching. She made a joke about catching and I was half rolling while laughing. It was good. I didn't catch but I did my best to go deeper. My back didn't hurt. I took enough time in sarvangasana sequence and stayed long enough in sirsasana and half bend. I didn't count this time. I was just focusing on feeling. Feeling of being lifted and taking control of my body. I took enough time in rest as well. I really loved the practice today and was glad I did the practice without much fear and pressure. I guess in Mysore... I was pressured and scared especially of the back bend practice. I think I just didn't want to admit it so openly... Anyways I am happy to be back on the mat, be with my teachers and hope to continue this journey safely and without feeling pressured or scared... :-)

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 4/3/20 (Wed) from 06:55 to 08:35

Teacher: Lynne


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