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Mysore practice 4/11/19

It was so painful waking up today. I was so tired during the weekend due to busy schedule. As I skipped my practice yesterday I had to really go. I arrived at the shala just after Anne. I placed my mat on my usual spot and began the practice at 6:55am. My legs felt tight but soon the tightness has gone. Standing sequence felt very short somehow. Maybe I was taking my breaths short. I got a good help from Anne in my utthita hasta padangusthasana. Seated was also same as usual but my belly felt a bit heavy. It was a nice evening/night out in spa yesterday with husband but the food was maybe too much... :-( Anyhow I could still hold my (more or less) wrists in marichyasana. Navasana felt so painful. Oh yes! I don't know why and how but the pain in my tailbone/sacrum area has come back. It is so serious. Is it because of wet weather? I am not sure... It is so painful even when lying down on the mat. Thus my uttana padasana was so wobbly and I kept it for 3 breaths. So.. I folded the mat twice in navasana. It was okay this way. Bujapidasana was okay. Kurmasana was good. Anne pushed me to deepen the asana. It felt so good. In supta kurmasana, Anne helped me cross ankles and it was made quite solid. I really felt at peace. When supta kurmasana is made well, I just feel at peace. I can stay there for so long. Transition was okay. I didn't touch the mat with my feet. I just need to work on engaging my bandhas more to lift my body a bit higher. Garbha pindasna was same but rolling was a bit irritating because of my tailbone. Anne gave me a good push in baddha konasana B. Following asanas were all same as usual. (Rolling was so-so). Pashasana was done with heels off but Anne came to help me do with heels down. Ha.. I really can't imagine myself doing it alone with heels down. It feels just impossible. Krounchasana was good as well as shalabhasana. I didn't feel so good in urdhva dhanurasana today. My back didn't feel good. Drop back was okay as I didn't fail to come up but my feet were not stable. Half roll and drop back with Anne was not as good as last time. But it was understandable considering the back pain. Shoulder stand sequence was done in a hurried manner (as I was afraid of being late at work). Sirsasana and half bend were 30 and 17 breaths. Utplitih felt surprisingly light. I took a 5-6 min savasana and left the shala with feeling content.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 4/11/19(Mon) from 06:55 to 08:25

Teacher: Anne


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