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Mysore practice 31/3/19

Today was a very interesting + special day. So... my husband and I stayed out till late last night socialising. And there was wine and dessert at very late hour. When I woke up this morning... my body was sore and stiff and felt seriously heavy. Yesterday was a very busy day too because I taught 2 classes, ran here and there to fix my new phone and attended another yoga class before the dinner. I should've been 'kinder' to my body but I was just being too ambitious. Anyways, so when I woke up today I was deciding whether to go or not to my Mysore practice. I usually go on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday but this week, I missed my Thursday so my head was telling me to 'go, go, go!' but my body was like 'hmmmmmm are you sure?'. But my will won so I got ready very quickly and ran to catch the bus. When I arrived in De Brouckere, I was like 'oh.. I was here just 8 hours ago! (haha)'. I walked to the shala from there and arrived around 8:00am. I was first to arrive and another person came right after me. I put my mat in my usual spot (it's almost always same because I mostly arrive first at the shala!) and started breathing. Today I took more time to breathe but it was difficult to concentrate. I blamed this on the wine... that very nice Greek wine! As this week is my birthday week, I've been drinking more than usual. I know this affects my practice but I love wine and I have an excuse to enjoy! (nice self-justification there). I started surya namaskar A without jumping. I really took it slowly without too much effort. I didn't want to get tired towards the end. From surya namaskar B, I jumped and my stiffness has gone. Though I still felt tightness on my back of the neck (where did it come from??). In utthita trikonasana B, either Adriana or Anne corrected me to open shoulders and make space in the side more. It felt so good. I got adjustment in my usual prasaritta padottanasana C and utthita hasta padangusthasana. I really took enough time in the seated sequence. In the transitions and making the asanas I was, maybe, 3 times slower than usual. The stiffness has gone but my body still felt heavy. I breathed very slowly thinking of Lynne's advice and sometimes I didn't jump in vinyasas. Yes.. now I was being kind to my body! In triang mukha ika pada paschimottanasana, teacher pushed the bent leg side of the body. Ohhh and today's supta kurmasana felt much easier than usual. Anne's hands are magical. From there I did a bit weird transition and was able to jump. I really need to work more on my bandhas to lift my body up. My body felt was heavy but the ability to make asanas was in a good shape. I was surprised at myself. And... when I was preparing for setu bandhasana, Anne asked me what I was doing. So I said, eh.. setu bandhasana? And she told me to wait because she will teach me first asana from the intermediate series. And... I was like... what!! what!! what!!! I was beyond thrilled!!!! I couldn't believe!! I waited and Anne taught me till salabhasana. ... Oh teacher thank you so much! I didn't expect to receive intermediate asanas soon and this was such a sweet moment. It was also funny how I was contemplating whether to go or not to my practice. I decided to stick to my 2-3 times Mysore practice commitment, and this happened! ahhhhh my body was tired but my spirit was so uplifted and happy. But this means that I really need to work hard on my dropback and comeup!! I made a mental note to myself to focus on this till I come back from Korea. Because I can get some help from my mum while I am there :-) In sirsasana I stayed about 20 breaths and 8 or 10 breaths in urdhva dandasana. I didn't count today but it felt long enough. I took a longer than usual savasana. I thanked teachers, asked a question to Anne and left the room. When I checked the time, it was already few minutes after 10am. I stayed... two hours! So..... today is a very special day and... now time to go back to healthier diet with less wine :-)

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 31/3/19(Sun) from 08:00 to 10:00

Teacher: Anne, Adriana


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