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Mysore practice 31/10/19

It was a mentally relaxed morning but a bit stiff. My body felt stiff and I don't know why. And I am now thinking again that I should've written this yesterday right after the practice. (grrr) I think standing was quite good. I got warm towards the end of surya namaskar B and the stiffness had gone. I brought my Manduka Pro mat hoping my utthita hasta padangusthasana would be more stable on this mat. And.. actually it was! This time I didn't get Anne's help but I was able to do it alone like when I practice in Yoga Room. Oh by the way jumping didn't feel as light as usual. In general the practice felt a bit lagging in the beginning but it got better towards the end. Seated was similar as usual and I was holding (more or less) wrists in my all marichyasana. Navasana was fine with straightish legs and bujapidasana was super. I say super because I didn't touch the mat in transition and I could hold a bit longer in titibasana. My bakasana is still a bit low but at least I felt I was in more control in transition. Supta kurmasana was sweet. I think I am now crossing my legs more deep. I could feel that it's not only my ankles but also part of lower legs that are in contact with my body. Transition was also felt better than other days. My rolling ups were good enough and setu bandhasana felt deep as well. Pashasana was done with heels off in the first side but the second one was done with Anne's help and it felt quite good. Krounchasana was same and shalabhasana as well. Back bend was good. I lifted up from the third one and did 4 drop backs. I landed on my knees on first one so had to try three more times to come up more steady. All those successful come up, my feet were grounded. Yay yay yay!! Anne helped me with half rolls and this time I walked my hands toward the ankles on my own. I could feel a bit of pinching pain on my lower back and that's when Anne told me to stop. It was good. Anne gave me a very good push and massage in paschimattanasana. I stayed 30 and 17ish breaths in sirsasana and half bend. Utplitih was I think.... 10! It felt like a really good practice towards the end. I don't know why I felt so stiff and heavy only in the beginning. Thanks to my teacher's guidance again, I had a wonderful morning.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 31/10/19(Thu) from 07:05 to 08:40

Teacher: Anne


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