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Mysore practice 30/7/19

Today I woke up early but somehow I missed my normal bus and took a later one. I arrived at the shala around 6:47 and was the first one. I placed my mat on my usual spot. Since I was afraid of being late at work, I immediately started my practice. I even took shorter breaths today. Today Lynne helped me algin better in parivrrta trikonasana. Her hands are really good. I put a great focus on squaring my hips. She gave a good touch in prasaritta padottanasana C too. I did utthita hasta padangusthasana alone and I felt so stable. It was actually quite scary and surprising at the same time to see my own stability! Oh well! Seated was good as usual. Today Lynne told me engage more upper thighs and have inner thighs as if they are pushing on to the mat. I held my wrists till marichyasana B. From C.. it was difficult....;; Today I felt my twist was really bad as my stomach was feeling weird. I ate something late last night and my belly was very round and big.. haha. Navasana was really really bad as my sacrum/tailbone was hurting like crazy. It was really painful. Really... But I took time to do 5 times, 5 breaths each. In bujapidasana Lynne had her feet under my feet. But my feet were already off... ;-) In supta kurmasana, she tried to cross my ankles above my neck but I felt she had not so much strength. So I told her it’s okay. My transition was okay today. Actually I felt it’s getting better. Again I touched my left ear with left hand. In upa vista konasana, she again focused on my thighs. She made me engage my thighs more. I could tell she was preparing me for the drop back and come up. She is so sweeeeeet!!! I loved my rollling up in supta konasana today. I can tell it was gracious, without any bent legs and sound :-) My setu bandhasana was okay. Pashasana... I could hold my fingers with heels off. Lynne asked me later whether I binded. I said ‘yes but with heels off...’ haha. She told me to push onto pelvis (maybe pubic bones) and engage my legs in shalabhasana. My legs were engaged well. I don’t necessarily like shalabhasana but I want to improve more. After that I took a back bend. And........ drop back. Lynne came to help me. I dropped back alone and come up was with Lynne’s help. I did 3 times with her help and every time I did she told me I did it almost on my own. Lynne let me do the 4th one alone and she asked me to tell her when I am about to come up. And....... I just came up alone!!! I lost a bit of control when I stood and hugged Lynne directly hahahahaha I laughed with sound out of joy :-) I was super happy. She gave me a good push on paschimottanasana. All the closing sequence was sweet. I stayed 30 breaths in sirsasana and 15 in half bend. I felt a bit tired in half bend. Though I felt so light in utplitih! I stayed 12 breaths there. After taking a short savasana I thanked Lynne and nice summer. It was such a nice practice and I was so grateful to my teachers!!

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 30/7/19(Tue) from 06:50 to 08:25

Teacher: Lynne


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