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Mysore practice 3/3/19

I woke up a bit late today and missed the bus 29. Both 29 and 64 were coming in about 15~18 min. So I took 61 to Merode and the metro. Arrived at shala around 8:05. There were many shoes already. I entered the room and Lynne was surprised to see my colourful pants >_< I placed my mat in the middle, first row. Despite my worries that I would feel tired, I felt okay. My body felt relatively light. I sweated a lot. Was it because I was surrounded by more people than usual, or the weather, or just my body? I was still wobbly in utthita hasta padangusthasana but I felt it has become better (it was with Adriana's help). In triang mukhaikapada paschimottanasana, either Lynne or Adriana pushed the bent leg (both). In supta kurmasana, Adriana helped me. I wonder when I will be able to catch my hands by myself. My attempt to shoot to chaturanga dandasana after bakasana was.... 'half' failed. I came to weird chaturanga. I will keep trying and one day it will come. In drop-back and come-up, Adriana helped me for the first time. Her instructions were good. She had less hands-on on the back when I went down so I felt more scared than usual. With her I could feel how I should engage my upper thighs when go down. It's not only the back.. it's also those STRONG legs!!......... + overcoming the fear! In sirsasana, I stayed about 15 or more breaths and 10 breaths in urdhva dandasana. I see now I have more confidence. Overall, I was satisfied with my practice.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 3/3/19(Sun) from 08:10 to 08:40

Teacher: Lynne, Adriana


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