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Mysore practice 28/7/19

I think my friends and I are really passionate practitioners. We had Monica's bachelorette party last night and very tired by the night but we still decided to go and practice next morning. It was really nice to be together with both Wendy and Monica. When Wendy and I got in, Wendy talked to Lynne and Adriana and she placed her mat a bit on the back. I put mine in one of my usual spots, second on the first row. I was afraid I would be very tired but it was actually okay. My body felt a bit more stiff than usual but after surya namskaras everything was fine. Though I didn't sweat much in the beginning. Lynne helped me to open side in parivrrta trikonasna. She said something about my rib cage. Both Lynne and Adriana were busy so I didn't get hands in prasaritta padottanasana C. But it was okay. I got help from Adriana in utthita hasta padangusthasana. I held my wrists in marichyasana A and B but not in C and D. Navasana was hard as usual but I took time and tried to focus on breath. I could easily grab my fingers in supta kurmasana and Adriana helped me to cross my ankles. Oh and from few days ago I could touch my left years with left hand in garbha pindasana. It's not really pretty looking but still I manage to do it now!! I am sure one day I will be able to touch the right side too :-) Today's rolling in supta konasana was beautiful. I paused well and landed without sound. Setu bandhasana was okay but I kept it just enough. Pashasana was done with heels off. Lynne told me to put them down but... yes it's difficult! Back bend was okay and Lynne came to help me come up. Drop back is okay. I don't have much fear now. But come up.. I need a lot of practice. Lynne explained about lengthening and wrapping feeling in the front hip/pelvic area. I put a lot of attention there and felt like I could come up alone but was a bit afraid. Lynne encouraged me a lot... but I came up with her help. It will come. It will come!! I stayed about 30 breaths in sirsasana and about 12 in half bend. I felt a bit tired and not well aligned so made it slightly shorter than usual. I took a good savasana and thanked Lynne and Adriana. It was a beautiful practice sharing energy with Monica and Wendy :-)

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 28/7/19(Sun) from 08:10 to 09:45

Teacher: Lynne, Adriana


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