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Mysore practice 28/1/20

Since this morning or yesterday, I felt like 'not' going to the practice. My body and mind were tired and I just wanted to go home. It's not because I don't like being here but just because I miss home and my mind is occupied with so many things I have to do there. I woke up really early and read a bit. I was already stressed about queueing and a bit on the back bend practice. We entered a bit earlier today. Today I was a bit late and not motivated to place my mat. I placed my mat on the second row, in the familiar place. Behind me, it was Ayase and the Korean lady I had lunch together yesterday in front of me. I felt so good. And Anna and Christina were also on the same row. My mind was really busy and messy but my asana practice was quite good. My body was super warm and I was sweating a lot. I could feel my back was stronger which was a very good sign...! Both standing and seated... same as usual. Though one thing that has changed a lot was supta kurmasana. I just did it alone. My head was placed in an 'okay' way so I didn't need to readjust. Wow.. I was impressed by myself (haha). But as my body was super warm and felt open... I guess it was easier. I think in Belgium.. it might not happen. Transitions were all okay. Rolling ups were all good too. Pasasana was okay too... My heels will be always off the mat.... I was just holding onto my fingers. That was good enough. Back bend felt okay but I didn't really push myself. I couldn't come up on the third urdhva dhanurasana so I just did it again. In the drop back and come up, I could hear Sharathji saying 'walk your hands'. It was obviously directed at me as he was just behind me. So I walked my hands on the third one...... and came up. Michael was nearby. I really like his help in catching. My mind was already calm. I can't say I enjoy catching but it was doable today. Today he helped me with the left hand first. I brought elbows more in and could really hear my breathing. I was breathing slow and steady and thought of what Anne told me in the email. In that short moment, I felt so serene (even though it was physically hard). If someone had a look at my catching, I am sure it wasn't a beautiful one but my mind was so calm.... How interesting... I'd never thought I would feel calm in the catching practice. I didn't have back pain after the practice. How nice... I stayed a bit longer in paschimattanasana. In the closing, I took extra breaths. I stayed 50 and 30 in sirsasana and half bend. I think I even stayed 20 in utplitih today. But after the practice, I felt so knackered and didn't want to do anything but to sleep. But I was chatting with people and didn't even write the journal. The practice itself was really nice. When you are at it, you actually enjoy it. But my mind..... I mean half the mind is already in Brussels and London. I miss my husband and my physical body feels tired. I need a big cuddle and I will have it after 3 more practices!!!

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 28/1/20 (Tuesday) ??!

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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