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Mysore practice 26/3/19

It’s my birthday today! I woke up like 4:30am again and called my mum to talk. I thanked her and we talked about my yoga trial class J I got ready and took the bus 64 and metro. I arrived first in shala today. I talked to Lynne a bit and placed my mat on the first row, right corner. I took a short time to breathe and started surya namaskar. Today I was not sure whether I did B three times… maybe I skipped one and just did 2… My body didn’t feel tired in the beginning but towards the end I felt I was losing a bit of strength. I thought it was because of the trial class I gave last night. I felt not much back then but it was still a bit stressful on my body I guess. Anne helped me supta kurmasana and it felt so easier! I think the trick is to have my legs really close to my shoulders… then I have more space to move my arms to hold fingers. The transition was not as beautiful but I did it! Hehe In ubbhaya padnagusthana, I didn’t come up at one go!!!! I didn’t engage my bandhas well…. In dropback and comeup, Anne helped me and it felt so good. I should really engage my legs more and get rid of this fear. Oh and I also tried to do very slow chakrasana……… I think I really have to film myself to see how I do. I stayed 20 breaths in sirsasana but only about 2 in urdhva dandasana (;;;). In utplitih, only 6 too… I was feeling weak towards the end. Though I took my time at savasana. It was a very nice practice again. I am happy that I am able to practice.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 26/3/19(Tue) from 06:45 to 08:20

Teacher: Anne, Lynne


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