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Mysore practice 26/2/19

I took 64+metro to the shala today. It was much faster than 29 but the bus 64 came a bit late. I thought I arrived late but I was first again. Two other people entered right after me. The room was already very warm. I sat and took about 10 breaths before surya namaskar. I was aware of my shoulders and really focusing on scooping my arms. I realised my hands are less engaged this way. In prasarita padottanasana C, Lynne helped me to touch the ground. Without any help, I always feel like I am falling on my head in C if I were to put my hands down. Maybe next time I will film myself to see how my centre and legs work. In utthita hasta padangusthasana, Milton (I hope I am correct about his name) helped me. I felt I had more control. He also helped me in purvottanasana. In trian mukhaikapada paschimottanasana, one teacher came and push me on the bent leg side. I don't remember who it was. In marichyasana A, I think Anne pushed me also on the bent leg side (both). It was really nice. And in my navasana... my tailbone area is still hurting. I thought it got better but it's still there. After supta kurmasana, Anne helped me to jump back from titibasana. So nice!!! I felt I was sweating way more than usual. And... in drop back and come up, Anne encouraged me to do it alone. She folded a blanket and put on the middle of the mat. Ahhhhhh so scary... I was really scared but tried anyways. Okay I landed on my head (haha) but thanks to the blanket, I didn't hurt. Anne told me to really straighten my arms. I thought I was having the straight but once my hands touched the mat, my arms become directly bent. Second time... also gently landed on the head... third time... not so gently on the head (.......;;;). And I did the half roll with her help.... I should be more aware of my legs and hips... and having arms straight. And the most important thing is to overcome this fear... this fear.......... I know.. I will do it eventually. I have certain faith in me because I experienced it myself that with continous practice, some asanas will come. Even those ones I'd thought would never come to me. But... maybe I should rely less on this 'faith' and just practice more (haha). Practice, Practice, Practice, this is the only answer.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 26/2/19(Tue) from 06:40 to 08:10

Teacher: Anne, Lynne


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