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Mysore practice 25/7/19

My trip to Copenhagen was really motivating me. I went to Anne's class today. I arrived early and explored the neighbourhood (haha). I finally saw the pole dance school, sampoorna yoga studio and the canal nearby. I started my practice a bit late as I was talking to Anne and another student. My body felt less heavier than yesterday but again I was sweating like crazy. In utthita hasta padangusthasna, I did the first side alone and Anne helped me in the second side. My legs were not shaky at all in ardha baddha padmottanasana. Haha I think... my shaky legs were due to longer counts in the previous asana. Anyways! All the seated was same as usual though I couldn't hold my wrists in marichyasana C.... hmmm It was possible in Copenhagen but why not now?!! Navasana was painful. The pain in sacrum got bigger.... hope it goes aways soon. Grabbing my hands in supta kurmasana was easy as yesterday. I really do hope this one stays here!! Anne helped me cross my ankles and also to jump back with my hips a tiny bit higher.. It will take some time to have my hips higher. My rolling up from supta konasana was not so good. I did come up at one go but stayed only like 0.5 breath. Grrr I did all the chakrasana with care. Now I can touch the ground with my right leg in supta padangusthasana. Sometime it's easy and sometimes not. But still.. I made a progress here. Setu bandhasana was okay. Pashasana I did alone with heels off and later Anne came and helped me put heels down. I put a great attention on my thighs/legs in sarvangasana and held my wrist in pindasana. My sirsasana today was good though I lost my count as my fingers were hurting because of my ring. These days my fingers are so swollen I can't take my engagement ring. hmmmmm Though I did count 12 in half bend. I came down a bit earlier than usual.. :-) I took a very sweet savasana and left the room around 8:27!!! So late!!!! It was another great and grateful practice thanks to my teacher's guidance. <3

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 25/7/19(Thu) from 07:00 to 08:25

Teacher: Anne


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