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Mysore practice 25/6/19

Wow I overslept. My alarm rang at 5:40 but I woke up like 6:11.. So I quickly dressed and took bus 64. Today I went to Nick's class. I think it's really the weather which made me sweat like crazy. I was already dripping from the first surya namaskara A! Luckily this time, I took a mat towel from the reception :-) I did a very slow surya namaskara A. B. It was hot so I could immediately not feel the back pain... which was good (I hope?!). My utthita hasta padangusthasana was okay. It's definitely getting less wobbly. I thought of what Lynne said yesterday when I was in virabhadrasana B. Oh Nick gave a very firm hands on my prasaritta padottanasana C. I like how he does. So quick and firm. I turned my hands and was able to touch the ground with his push. Seated was same as usual though my jump through felt a tiny bit weak. Nick gave a very good hands on supta kurmasana. I like supta kurmasana. All rolling up happened at one go. My setu bandhasana was okay. I tried to roll my neck so that my forehead would get nearer to the ground. I felt the neck so I immediately release the pose. I was glad I got already quite better. Today's pashasana felt so much improved (of course I had Nick's help) and I thought maybe it's because of the hot weather. My body is more open and relaxed! My back bending was a bit painful so I didn't walk my hands back... I already told Nick I would need constant help in drop back so he was there for my 3 assisted drop backs. With teachers, it's fine. I stayed about 25 breaths in sirsasana and 10 in half bend. Utplitih was very honest 10 breaths :-) During savasana Nick told me to help someone with headstand. So I took a very brief savasana and after helping that person I just decided to leave. Before leaving the room, I talked to Nick about my back pain and he gave me some tips. It was a bit weird (coz I sweated so much from the beginning) but again another great practice!!!

At Yoga Room Defacqz on 25/6/19(Tue) from 06:50 to 08:15

Teacher: Nick


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