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Mysore practice 24/3/19

It’s been 10 days since my last Mysore practice. I’ve been going to Yoga Room to take some classes instead. After my surgery on the 15th March, I still had pain. On Saturday while I was teaching, I could feel that I couldn’t engage my bandhas very well. So… on Sunday, I went to my Mysore practice. I talked to Lynne about the ashtanga practice and bandhas and set my focus on mula bandha and slow breathing. Whatever we talk about, the conclusion is that ashtanga yoga is the answer. I really love this practice. Anyways it was not so easy to always focus on mula bandha but the practice was better than I expected. I didn’t have pain anymore and I could do all the asanas as usual. In utthita hasta padangusthasana, Lynne helped me but in supta padangusthasana, no one came to help so I just crossed my ankles. Though I did the transition – titibasana and jump back (though it was not so beautiful haha). In dropback and comeup, Adriana helped me and I felt I was making a beautiful arch. I wish I could see how I do with teacher’s help. Lynne was making sure I was coming up slowly. In sirsasana I stayed about 15 breaths and about 6-8 breaths in urdhva dandasana. Oh today I tried to do chakrasana actually! At least I started to have my hands next to my head and lift my body up…. I should really practice certain asanas ‘everyday’ to get better. This is the only way to improve. In utplitih I stayed only 6 breaths. My arms were tired and hips felt heavy. Taking Lynne’s advice, I took a longer savasana. I am super happy and grateful to have great teachers to guide me. Really.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 24/3/19(Sun) from 07:50 to 09:30

Teacher: Lynne

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